Arabs are competing for real estate in Trabzon

Arabs are competing for real estate in Trabzon

The Arabs are competing to own real estate in the Turkish city of Trabzon on the Black Sea coast because of its beauty and charming nature.
And in recent years, with the increasing demand from Arabs for real estate in the city, prices have increased dramatically.

Arab investors are more likely to own real estate in the northern parts of the city and close to the sea coast, as well as the areas near Lake Ozone, which are prevented by enchanting beauty and come to tourists from all over the world.

Real estate professionals in the city say that real estate prices currently range between 300 thousand TL and a million pounds, as prices have risen recently with increasing demand.

In 2017, Turkey saw 1.4 million units sold. Foreigners bought 22 thousand housing units, and the citizens of the Gulf countries are at the forefront of home buyers in Turkey.

Istanbul, from April 28-29, will host the 12th Real Estate Exhibition and the Arab-Turkish Summit

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