Chairman’s Address

Eng. Foad Abdul Fattah Badawi Chairman of the Board of Gate Istanbul

Eng. Foad Abdul Fattah Badawi
Chairman of the Board of Gate Istanbul

Speech of Eng. Fouad Badawi, the Chairman of Gate Istanbul company

  • Since its inception in 2012, the Gate Istanbul Real-Estate & Investment Consulting company has been a real estate leader in Turkey. Where it works as a link between businessmen, investors, and real-estate companies’ owners.


  • Above all, our dream of developing our company has been accomplished by God’s grace and bounty. While this dream in which we have affixed our long experience in this field is in line with our strategy of creating an integrated entity capable of growing and developing with the requirements of the Turkish market. Therefore, our dream has been realized by virtue of our extensive experience and the strength and prestige of the Turkish economy.


  • Most noteworthy, a number of factors have contributed to our current success. First of all, the coalescence of the joint efforts of the personnel at Gate Istanbul. Another factor, the plinth strategic relationships we have built with our investors and partners. Moreover, our belief in the exclusive business values and principles vouching for mutually beneficial “winner-winner” profit-making. Furthermore, our commitment to provide high-quality business offers at competitive prices.


The aspiration of Gate Istanbul chairman

  • In order to keep up with the requirements of the current and future phases. And based on our comprehensive view of the reality of the Turkish Real-Estate market. So we have launched a new identity in a modern morphology at Gate Istanbul company that will qualify us to perform with more interactively abidance. Which reflecting the company’s responsibility toward its investors. Consequently, we have great hope for a future in which we provide the best of our services in all Turkish cities.


  • Thus our mission lies in the necessity to carry the burden of the investor to save his time, effort, and money, and to provide him with several services. Furthermore, helping him select Real-Estate free of any mortgage, problems, with high yield, and to accomplish the sell and buy process for a reasonable and competitive proportion. Most noteworthy, our company has concluded many transactions of assets, land, property, and projects in all areas and regions of Istanbul. For instance, Yalova and its suburbs, and other Turkish cities. Certainly, we made sure to implement projects in a professional manner to all parties. And we still have a lot of success stories to tell.


  • I would like to recall that the Gate Istanbul company commits harmony with the direction of Turkey’s ambitious economic plan. Which known as the “2023 vision”. Hence, we will be an essential part of the parallel development of the Real-Estate market. In accordance with the guidelines directed by president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


  • In conclusion, “Gate Istanbul” aspires to service investors through veteran business teamwork. Also, abide to satisfy the investor and adhere to professional codes of conduct and ethics. Certainly, with a high level of professionalism and transparency.

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