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Gate Istanbul features having several success stories with investors from multiple countries. Which include distinguished investments and extract citizenship through Real-Estate investment, and many other services.

A selection of our success stories

1 -Extract Turkish citizenship for investor Muhammed Al-Arja and his family

First of all, we had chosen a suitable property for extracting Turkish citizenship, taking care of investors’ desire. Then we followed all legal procedures until receiving the passports of the investor and his family. As a result of our efforts, Mr. Muhammes Al-Arja commended our performance and the quality of our services.

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2- Bank deposit is your way to invest and get Turkish citizenship

Another success story is extracting Turkish citizenship through Bank Deposit. As usual, we had got a power attorney from our client, then we did all the needed procedures to obtain citizenship. After all, we felt pleased about the feedback from the client about our qualified team and deadlines commitment.

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3 - As one of our distinguishing success stories. Sheikh Fahad Al-Mousa invested in lands near the new bridge in Yalova and reaping a return of 30% in less than a year​

In order to have a successful investment, Mr. Al-Mousa chose the Gate Istanbul company to help him. So, we worked hard to achieve his desire. Then the result was a strong investment with 30% returns with less than a year. What really pleased us is the satisfaction of Mr. Al-Mousa about the results.

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4 - The first interview with an investor who obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate investment 2018/2019

Another story with Mr. Al Aqqad, who extracted Turkish citizenship through Real-Estate investment. As we mentioned before, we care about choosing a property to suit the citizenship standards and we undertake all needed procedures for getting citizenship. Most noteworthy is Mr. Al Aqqads’ positive opinion about our property price, as a specialist in Real-Estate major. And the standard time used to extract citizenship in cooperation with Gate Istanbul.

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