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Gate Istanbul company for real estate investment and consulting

– Before the year 2012, the purchase of Turkish Real-estate by foreigners was constrained by a large number of legal obstacles.
Although Turkish law had been applied since the year 1935, granting the right to buy real-estate and Land.
But this right was conditioned by reciprocity until May 2012. That is to say, countries granting Turkish citizens the right to buy Real-estate in their land, their citizens shall have the right to buy property in Turkey, a condition that has been a major constraint for most investors, but this requirement was abolished.

-As a result of abolishing the reciprocity law by the Land Registry Act of May 3rd, 2012. The foreign Real-Estate investment in Turkey increased significantly.
What led to open the way for Turkey’s intervention into the ranks of Real-estate investment attraction countries.

Establishing Gate Istanbul Company

– Soon after this amendment, Mr. Fuad Badawi has established Gate Istanbul Real-Estate & Investment Consulting Company.

– Gate Istanbul company a gateway for all types of investors from all around the world, who wish to invest in Real-Estate.

-Because this work is not easy and requires a lot of effort, so the company has taken the responsibility to provide the adequate Real-Estate and opportunities that are legally and technically problem-free, which can lead to the pursued profit.

– The company is Keen to provide the best possible investment and Real-Estate consulting services to its clients around the world.

– Gate Istanbul is a Turkish company specializing in real estate consulting, as the head office located in Istanbul city, and it has other branches around the world.

– In addition, the company has several agreements and partnerships with the largest, reliable, and certified Real-Estate companies that are authorized by the Turkish government.

– Certainly, we pay attention to all investors from all over the world.

– Moreover, we work on seizing investment opportunities that suit, address, and assort the investors’ requirements expectations and aspirations.

Gate Istanbul company


– We aspire to be the best in providing Real-estate services in Turkey, by working together as one team to fulfill our commitments to our clients.


– We Act with high responsibility, as we take the innovation and creativity as our approach, therefore we provide high-quality competitive services and opportunities that adopt the needs and requirements of our clients and fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of their investors.


– Our mission is represented in maximizing investors’ returns through professionalism, proactive, and occupational delivery of Real-Estate services. 

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